World AIDS Awareness Day

A day to raise awareness of AIDS/HIV started in 1988. We have lot of fun on this day but it is a very serious event and we hope that amidst the fun and activities we can raise money for research and a cure as well.
This year we are getting together for a street fair and parade in honor off all those living with the illness and all those that have lost their lives.
There will be lots of food and fun and booths with information for those who want to come out and join us. I have been choose as the Queen of the parade this year and will majestically ride the float. Then i get to be a spokes person and mingle with the crowd at the street fair, answering questions and meeting so many people!
Later this evening we are having a private party and celebration where I will continue my reign as Queen for the day. We are going to have so much fun and raise so much money that this will be the one and only year I get to be Queen, because we will find a cure. Wouldn’t that be glorious darling?

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