Perfect Goddess

I see Myself as perfect.  Am I narcissistic? Perhaps, if you looked like I do, you would be also.  One of the things I am most fond of is having pictures taken of Myself.  I bask in My own glory so to speak.  It makes me feel good to walk onto the set and see the photographer’s reaction as I disrobe.  They try so hard to hide the face that their cocks are getting hard, but I can tell.  Do you understand how powerful that makes a Woman like Me feel?  More powerful than usual.  Especially since I know nothing will come of it.  Oh he will try to get Me into bed, but it will not happen.

After the photo shoot is done, I feel a secret joy knowing that he has no option to go home to his less than perfect wife, with her used up pussy, and use that hard cock on her.  I wonder if he thinks about my luscious tits, perfect ass, and scrumptious pussy.  I also wonder if he says My name out loud right as he cums.  Just that last thought alone makes me laugh.

Perfect Goddess,


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