Oriental Take Out

I love oriental take out. Just the smell of it makes me horny as hell, I am not sure why but it does. When the delivery guy arrives and is paid, as soon as I close the door I start eating and playing with my food in a way that keeps me cumming for hours. I love using the chop sticks to play with my clit. I love to open the little packets of duck sauce and soy sauce and pour some on one nipple and some on the other. I eat my oriental take out in my own way. It satisfies a kinky fetish I have. I always order chicken on a stick and shove it deep in my pussy, coating it with my pussy juice, I put it to my mouth, take a bite and then lick first my right nipple with duck sauce and then my left with soy sauce, while pinching my clit with the chop sticks cumming hard with every bite. There is nothing like Chinese Take Out night in my house!

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