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adult phone chat The smell of fresh coffee, bacon, eggs, sausage and biscuits filled the air. My eyes fluttered opened and my stomach was growling at the senses that filled the air. Before I could get up and clear the cob webs from my mind, the door opened and there was my Sissy, my loving bottom, standing in the doorway with breakfast on a tray and a single red rose in a vase. Smiling she walked to me and served me in bed. she kissed my lips and the flavor of salty bacon lingered on my mouth. She smiled and told me that today she would pamper me all day. After I devoured the breakfast she had a hot bubble bath waiting for me and she bathed every inch of my skin before taking my hard cock in her soapy hands and giving me one of the best hand jobs I have ever had. She then dried me with a fluffy towel that was warm and straight out of the dryer. Sitting me in front of the mirror, she picked the perfect wig and did my make up to perfection. By lunch she had added a manicure and a pedicure, a massage to the list, By the end of the night I could not help myself. I had to show my bottom how pleased I was with the day. I took her sweet pussy just the way she likes it and filled her with the biggest cum shot I have ever given her.

Soft and Wet

adult phone chat She is so soft and wet. I love the way her naked skin feels pressed against mine, our hard nipples rubbing against each other. My hard dick pressed into her soft flesh make it impossible not to slide my hard cock into the wet and soft folds of her pussy. The way she kisses me with her soft lips makes it hard to maintain control. Everything about her makes me want to explode all over her body, inside and out. She makes me feel adored and cherished and like I am the only person on the planet. She makes my entire body tingle. But she has been away to long and tonight I am going to fuck her hard. iI am going to take her. posses her, devour her.

Smoking Fetish

adult phone chat He is a little slave and bitch boy. He follows me around like a lost puppy and does anything and everything that I ask him to do. He was serving me like a good boy while I watched porn, stroking my cock and smoking a cigarette when the Dom Mistress in the film placed a metal mouth piece in her Submissive’s mouth clamping it opened and then using it as an ash tray.
My dick responded by getting rock hard before I called my little bitch boy over and ordered him to his knees. I had nothing to hold his mouth opened and as soon as I flicked the ashes on his tongue he closed his mouth and began to sputter.
Slapping him hard for his disobedience I warned him that noncompliance would earn him the pleasure of me putting my cigarette out on his tongue.
I watched his little cock get hard out of fear and excitement. I stood up and shot a load in his mouth with my sex

Queen Z

adult phone chat You can feel the excitement in the air. I can barely hear myself think with all the nervous chatter that is going on. It’s wall to wall shemales, perfume, make up and costumes. All of us want to win the title of Queen T-iva. Only the prettiest, most talented, glamorous tranny can hold the crown. I am here to tell you that I want to be the Queen Z.
Walking down the hall, make up done to perfection, hair and nails are flawless, I am looking down at the check list on my phone making sure every thing is in order, I didn’t see him coming.
We ran right into each other.
I recognized him immediately, he was one of the judges.
When our eyes met the look was unmistakable. He reached out and began caressing my nipple making it stand up and pay attention.
I could feel my cock growing between my legs where it was tightly tucked away for competition.
“I bet your cock is as glorious as these tits of yours.” he said with a twinkle in his eye.
He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. Judging by the feel of it, he was packing a very impressive package there.
He pulled me into the shadows and pushed me to my knees as he freed his dick for me.
There was no mistaking what he wanted and there was no way that I was going to let this prize piece of meat go with out tasting.
I gave him everything I had, pulled every dick sucking trick I know, and sucked the skin off that tube steak of his until his knees were weak and he was filling my mouth up.
Not one drop of his seed was wasted.
I stood and re-adjusted my throbbing cock.
With a wink he turned and said, “I will see you after the competition my Queen.”
My heart skipped a beat.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

mutual masturbation phone sex zettaHe is my favorite caller. The sound of his voice drives me crazy but what really turns me on is his mutual masturbation phone sex fantasies. I know that some day we will move on to other things. But for now he is curious and is exploring with me to build his courage up.

Our mutual masturbation phone sex calls always start the same. With small talk about how our weeks have gone. And then i ask the question, if he met or ran into any one that he felt attracted to and would like to get to know better. Any one that made his cock rock hard and he knew he would talk to me about.

I rub my cock listening and I know he is rubbing his to. Our breathing becomes heavier as I listen to his detailed description of the encounter. It’s as if I was there with him and my cock got hard with his.

Finally I tell him how I wish we were together and how I would love to rub the tip of my cock up against his, watching as our pre-cum mingles together. Feeling the tingle of his dick against mine.

We both know it won’t be long before our mutual masturbation phone sex will cum to an end as we both explode, wishing we were exploding on each other.

Hitching More Then A Ride

adult phone chat zettaI was way out in the country when I heard my car making a strange noise. the clanging got louder and louder and then smoke started bellowing from under the hood.
Nothing around for miles and my car breaks down.
I know nothing about mechanics or what to do.
It’s hot as fucking hell out here.
At least I broke down next to a beautiful field. I decided to just enjoy the day and not worry about it, someone was bound to come along eventually.
Stripping off my jeans and t-shirt I stretch out on a fallen tree to soak in the summer sun.
Eyes closed rubbing my cock in the sunlight I didn’t even hear anyone approach me. I felt a shadow cross my body and opened my eyes to see him standing over me with his own cock in his hand.
Without saying a word he bent over me and slid his mouth over my dick sucking it deep into his mouth.
I could feel the heaviness easing in my balls on the verge of unloading my sperm in his throat.

For Your Eyes Only

adult phone chat zettaI can feel his eyes on me every night and every morning as I get dressed for the day and undressed for the night.
He is a true voyeur, watching my every move, letting the anticipation and desire build before touching himself and letting the release happen.
I make sure to tease him relentlessly with my huge tranny cock and my dick sucking skills.
Jerking myself with long, slow strokes to begin with, using my mouth to lick and suck the neck of a beer bottle or licking a vibrator clean that has fucked my tight tranny pussy.
He knows I am watching him as he watches me. Our game of cat and mouse excites him, as it does me.
The show is for his eyes only, or so he thinks. In reality I am on cam with several friends and we are all enjoying the show.

If The Skirt Fits, Wear It

adult phone chat zettaI put in applications at every store in the mall. I needed a job and I needed one soon.
I was secretly hopeing to land the opening at Victoria Secrets so that I could get a discount on some awesome new lingerie. Instead I got a call from one of the clothing boutiques.
It was a nice little store that sold both male and female attire and had a variety of styles, from semi conservative to borderline risque.
The first couple of days were uneventful and then he came in.
G.Q. handsome, with a mysterious look about him.
As protocol required, I approached him and asked if he needed any assistance.
He politely turned me down for the moment.
Staying close enough to admire him while attempting to look busy and not at all obvious, I saw him pick up a few women’s items and stash them in between the men’s clothes he was gathering.
I saw him head for the dressing room and I made my way around the store grabbing the female items that he had in his stack.
I walked over to his cubical and slid the items under the door.
“What is this?” I heard him say.
“I am sorry for intruding.” I said “But I noticed you choose these items and I believe you have picked out two sizes to large for you. These should fit perfectly.”
“Hold on a minute.” he said through the door.
I saw him pick up the pile and a minute later he had the door opened and was standing in front of me wearing nothing but the shortest black skirt. it fit like a glove and he looked magnificent!
“How does this look?” he asked.
“Perfect. How did I do?”
Pulling me into the dressing room with him he said. “I don’t know lets find out!”
I love my job….

Eenyy Meeny Miny Moe

adult phone chat zettaI am used to people asking me questions related to me being trans-gendered. I am pretty opened about it all and welcome the curiosity.
Today, however, I was asked a question that brought me pause. Rarely am i at a loss for words or do I not know exactly how to answer a question.
“We have known each other for a few months now, Zetta and I am a little confused. I have seen you dressed and acting in a butch or boy like way and going out with beautiful women. I have seen you dress in fabulous dresses like a graceful and elegant lady with a handsome man by your side turning heads every where we go. And I have seen you in a kind of in between, not all feminine and not all butch, dating another tranny. Which one is the REAL you? Which one are you most comfortable with?”
I honestly don’t know which “me” I am. Perhaps I am a little bit of all of them all rolled into one.
Which one do YOU prefer?
Tonight I am whatever you want me…no whatever you need me to be…..

His First Time

adult phone chat zettaI could hear the shaking in his voice as he was making his appointment for my escort services. Just the sound of his voice had my dick tingling with desire. I love them nervous, fresh, wanting and yet just a little afraid.
I picked out my out fit carefully and headed for the hotel. I wanted to be there early enough to have everything all prepared and ready for him.
I heard the key in the lock and could feel the blood already rushing to my dick.
The sight of him was breath taking. I knew that his cock had to be magnificent.
I offered him a drink which he took with trembling hands as his eyes openly admired me, causing me to blush a little.
Stepping towards him I shortened the distance between us and placed his hand gently on my cock, reaching out for his at the same time.
As a moan escaped his lips I gently kissed him, easing him into the bed room.
As I lick his virgin ass he is quivering. He wants it so bad and yet he is begging me to be gentle. Placing the tip of my dick on his tight ass I slowly push in.
I take my time and by the time I am balls deep i can’t help unloading my jizz deep inside of him.
Something about a virginal ass and the way it feels makes it so hard for me not to cum right away. We still have so much more to explore.