Would you like some Wine with your Enema?

You are gonna be my bitch tonight. Don’t worry though, I’m gonna give you a little gift before it’s all over. Come on let’s play. First, you can start by stroking my long ladycock until it’s nice and hard. Then I’ll order you to your knees and stick my rod in your mouth. I know that’s your favorite part you little sissyfag. While you are busy having your cock meat sandwich I’ll be preparing for my surprise. You will probably look up occasionally, to see what the fuck I have in store for you and that’s fine, just make sure you keep on tonguing that dick. My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it.  I’ll be filling up my syringe with your favorite wine, the same wine I greeted you at the door with. You were probably wondering why I had not poured you a glass and you are about to find out. When I feel like my juicy black dick has been sucked to satisfaction it’ll be your turn to be pleasured. I want you to bend over boo. Show me that ass. I’m about to invade that balloon knot in the most interesting way. Start stroking that cock, you’re gonna want something to tug on while I’m doing this. I take my syringe, insert it into your ass, and begin to empty the contents. Feel that? You want more don’t you? Well dammit, that’s what I’m here for!

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