Latex Fun

So I was fucking one of my little fuck buddies the other day and he had mentioned how latex turned him on!  I was like latex?  What the fuck is that?  So he told me all about it and being the aspiring porn star I am I thought wow I really need to try this.  So I went out in search of a latex outfit to wear!  I finally came across the one I am wearing now!  I thought it was really cute and looked pretty comfortable, seeing I have never worn latex before, lol.  I now can see why people love latex so much!  It was actually pretty comfortable.  I loved the way it felt and sounded as I was putting it on.  It was kind of a turn on for me, just feeling that rubbery feel on my body and the sound it makes as you move!  My boytoy definitely loved it!  He thought it was an awesome outfit and had fun playing with me in it!  Oh I had so much fun rubbing my outfit all over his body, I thought he was going to explode feeling it!  I know there are a lot of you latex boys out there, so now I know what it is all about and LOVE it!  So if you want to play with latex just give me a call and we can have lots of fun!!

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