Trade Secrets

Its really simple daddy, you offer your services to me free of charge, and I let you into my sweet wet cum sponge.  You know I’m well worth it. Think of it as us bartering service. Blow jobs are considered a service right? Cause I’m really good at doing those. I’ll suck your cock so fucking good you’ll want to tell your wife about it. And when I get you to the promise land, I will deep throat your missile and let you release your love load down my throat. Doesn’t that sound like a fair trade daddy? Don’t you want to indulge in my juicy pussy all you want? As long as you keep supplying me with what I need, I’ll make sure to be the filthy slut you fantasize about on a daily basis. You have to admit this is one hell of a mutual agreement. I get all the product/service I want and you, well you get a little piece of heaven whenever your little heart desires. Don’t you just love a good bargain? Me too!

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