Surprised by the Pool

Submissive Phone SexSpring is upon us, and for those who own a pool know its time to start cleaning it, or at least running the frogs out. I was doing just that when I was surprised by my little man. He was home from school early today which always makes me happy, but today I was in a hurry to get the chemical in the pool so we would have it ready for the weekend. As you can imagine, little man had other ideas. He came up behind me and stuck his hand inside my bikini bottoms and started playing with my clit. I asked him if we could wait until I was done here, but that seemed to get him more excited.

He bends me over the chair and pulls my bottoms off to the side and starts fucking me right away. He buried his cock in me so hard and fast it almost knocked me over. He is getting so strong and powerful that I am unable to resist him at all. He reached for my clit and got me off just as he blew his load inside me, and then he was gone. He just randomly shows up, fucks me and leaves these days. I hope one day he will at least stop and talk to me for a little bit, but until then I will enjoy our brief moments together.

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