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Small Dick Cuckolding Lover

cuckolding phone sexYour dick can not ever compare to compare to my other lovers. You think that I want anything to do with that Vienna sized thing between your legs. You should be locked in chastity and never be able to cum again! My Ex boyfriend knew that his dick would never be good enough for me. I made him love the taste of cum from my pussy after I had cheated on him. At first I was afraid to tell him I had been fucking his assistant at the law firm. I mean I am one hot lady, that big dick was too much for me to deny. His whole office knew we had been fucking before I told on myself. He was so mad and hurt, but he knew it was because he could never penetrate my pussy well enough to make me cum. His mouth was always so good though. They called him Mr. Pussy for a reason in college. He could eat pussy better than a Dyke, but fucking was not his strong suite. It’s a shame to a man like him just didn’t have the length or girth to pleasure with his dick. The night I told him, he asked f we had fucked that day. I said yes and he begged to clean and worship my pussy. I let him and we had many months of fun that way until I just decided to run away with his assistant. That was a few years ago and now I am looking for more men to cuckold and humiliate!

Once a Cuckold…

cuckolding phone sexAs you know i have a new cuckold that i’ve been having quite some fun with as of late. But did you know i have a cuckold that has been serving me for years and refers to me as his girlfriend?   He and i made the agreement a long time ago that he could call me his girlfriend as long as he promised to not have sex with me or anyone else, because his penis is so small.  I love parading my big cock lovers in front of him and making him watch. Last night i brought in one of my lovers who has the biggest cock i’ve ever seen it has to be at least 12 inches. He bent me over a chair so my cucky could see the pleasure on my face. He rammed all 12 inches inside me and looked over at my small dicked cuckold and told him to watch and learn. I squirmed with pleasure every time he thrust himself deeper inside me, the whole time telling my cuckold that he could never give me this much pleasure, eventually i got tired and told my cucky to finish the job.  He immediately wrapped his lips around my lovers cock and sucked him off until he squirted his cum straight onto his face. I smiled and said “finally i found something you’re good for”. So now my cuckold of many years is now my fluffer!

I was a Naughty Girl…Again!

cuckolding phone sexIn my last blog i mentioned i got a new cuckold slave toy. Well i finally got to play with my new toy tonight! I gave him a call and told him to come over for some “fun”.  Little did he know i had two black guys with massive cocks waiting at my apartment with me. He walked in and from the expression on his face, i’d say he knew what he was in for. He asked if i was going to fuck them i told them i would after he finished his task.   I told him to undress. The two black guys walked over to him and immediately one shoved his cock in his mouth and the other rammed his chocolate dick into my cuckold’s tight puckered ass. To my surpise/delight my little cuckold did a very good job of pleasing them. He deepthroated that cock like a pro and he was moaning like a little whore with that big fat cock up his ass.   Than when they were finished with him they both cam all over his face. He looked up at me and asked “now do i get to watch you fuck them ma’am?” i laughed and told him no, but for being a good boy tonight that he could watch next time and that tonight was just simply a slight slap on the wrist for disappointing me the other evening.

I was a Naughty Girl

cuckolding phone sex So I was out on a date with a very handsome guy, who was perfect in every way.  He was tall, muscular, dressed well, and had an amazing job.  He was very kind and sweet and our conversation the whole night was great.  But I kept having the same thought over and over again “whats the catch?”.  I mean this guy physically seemed too good to be true something had to be wrong with him.  So we finish dinner and arrive at his place he invites me up and we start making out and then he unzips his pants….Out pops the TINIEST cock I have ever seen in my life! I burst out in laughter and he put his head down in shame and muttered: “you’re still going to fuck me right?”.   I laughed even more and said “Now why would I do that? I wouldn’t feel it anyways”.  I continued telling him how useless a cock like that was and how it was a good thing I got a free meal out of him otherwise the whole night would’ve been a waste. He looked so ashamed the whole time saying “yes princess. I’m sorry princess”.   I tell him to lie down on the floor to make it up to me.  I sit on his face and tell him since he can’t make cum with his useless pindick he’d have to have to make me cum another way.  He works his tongue in and out of my pussy. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t horrible. I cum on his face and tell him that I’ll continue to see him but on the condition that from now on he is my fluff boy and helps get other men hard for me, otherwise, I’d tell all my friends who know him about his “tiny little secret” he nodded.  I put my skirt back on and told him to await instructions.   I went home irritated that I didn’t get a nice big fat cock,  but I was comforted knowing that at least  I  have a new loser to worship me.

Repairman Special


phone sexSo my furnace has been acting up for quite sometime but i’ve been putting it off all summer.  But seeing as it’s already starting to get cold out i knew i couldn’t put it off much longer so i called the repair man.  He  was a tall husky built man and wasnt too bad looking.  I had on a very short dress that day and when i was getting him his money to pay him i noticed an enormous bulge in his pants and without saying a word i sat him down on the sofa and pulled his dick out and got on top of him and rode him.   I rode that dick slow at first giving him a little tease.   It filled up my pussy so good and was rock hard.  Finally he tells me to get up and without warning he spins me around and bends me over the arm of the couch pulls my hair and starts fucking me from behind.  With every thrust his dick went deeper and deeper inside me.   And the deeper he went the wetter.  I moaned and arched my back and  than i felt the most amazing thing ever his cum filling up my pussy.   Soon after that my sweet cream went all over his dick and i sucked it all clean. To say the least i ended up getting a great deal on that repair deal 😉

cuckolding phone sex: be my dog bitch

cuckolding phone sex

Do you want to be my sissy boy? Oh baby I think you do! ===giggles=== I want you to get on all fours. Be my little dog bitch. I will have you naked and a collar around your neck. I have the leash in my hand. I will guide you onto my bed. When I spread open my legs you better be a good dog and eat your master’s pussy. My cunt is soaking wet and ready to be licked. Lay between my legs and start sucking and licking on my hard clit baby. I take you by the hair and shove your face down. eat that fucking delicious cunt baby. suck my pussy harder!

I’m over this baby. you may eat good pussy but your cock will never get wet inside this cunt hole. I kick you off the bed like the mutt you are. I take out my dildo and start fucking my tight bald cunt. It feels so fucking good. You could never satisfy me like this. Go lay down in your corner like a good doggy.

my wet bald pussy is just for you

wet bald pussy

I want your nice big cock. I need it, my pussy is craving it. Come here and take my clothes off. I will strip you down as well. Let us see what you are working with baby. Mmm yes, a nice long and thick dick. Just what I need like I told you. Lay me down on the bed. Start eating my small bald cunt. I moan for your tongue baby. It feels so good. Stick your fingers deep inside my tight wet fuck hole. Rub my g-spot with them.

When that massive prick is nice and hard I want you to shove it inside my wet bald pussy. Start thrusting in and out of my soaking wet cunt. Feel my tight fuck hole grow more wet for you. Your huge throbbing cock is stretching me out baby.

Ram that thick dick harder inside me. Faster. I want you to feel my pussy as I orgasm around your cock. feel my pussy muscles tighten. Shove deep inside of me baby. Keep fucking me until your cock begins to pulsate. Ram deep inside me and squirt out your thick white cream. Cover my pink walls with it. Pour those juices into me baby. 

fuck my wet bald pussy in the ER

wet bald pussy

We are sitting at the ER. I cut my finger and we have been waiting for ever. I tell you I am so bored and just want to go back to my house and fuck you. You put the chair in front of the door. As long as we are quiet we will be able to hear them coming. Plus, they have to knock before they enter. It will be our dirty little secret as you climb in the bed with me.

You lift up my hospital gown and expose my wet bald pussy. You begin to finger me. Your cock becomes rock hard. You pull down your pants down far enough to get that big hard cock out. Shove it into my pussy baby. My hot cunt begs for your massive shaft. Ram it in me hard. I promise I will try to be quiet so no one hears us. Start thrusting hard deep inside of me baby. Make my cunt hole release its juices around your big cock. Your cock throbs inside of me and you burst your white cream deep inside of my cunt.

There is a knock at the door and we hurry to collect ourselves. The nurse walks in and we both know our secret.

you can look but cant touch

sissy phone sex

You are such a sissy boy! Yes, I am speaking to you. I’m going to strip down naked in front of you. My pussy is so fucking wet!! I bet you want to fuck me don’t you. ===giggles=== No way!! That small thing you call your cock. Oh my god as if. Awwww. I’m sorry baby don’t be sad. Why don’t you sit down in my chair while, I lay down on the bed with my toys. I will let you watch me fuck my tight cunt you little pansy boy. You want to watch don’t you. ===giggles=== I am going to take my dildo and shove it up into my fuck hole. God this cock is so big! Don’t you wish it was you enjoying this amazing cunt. Keep watching, don’t close your eyes sissy boy. Jack off your cock in the corner like the good little dog you are. Get it nice and hard and watch me fuck myself until I squirt out my juices all over the bed. Listen to me as I moan loudly for that dildo. I love making you watch me pleasure myself. I will keep teasing by rubbing my hard clit until I see that small little cock squirt what you would call a load. It’s so sad you can’t fuck me.

forcing him to eat my wet bald pussy

wet bald pussy

In invite my sissy boy over to play again. I’m feeling rather mean today. When he gets to my house I make him strip at the door. I put his collar and leash set around his neck. I walk him like the good dog he is into my bedroom. I get out my toys. I lube up the big four inch round anal plug and shove it slowly into his tight ass. He moans of course. I take the vibrating cock ring and stretch it around his pathetic sissy cock. It’s hard but would never be able to satisfy my delicious soaking cunt. I walk him around to the edge of the bed. I command him to get up in it. I lay down and spread open my legs. I pat my pussy gently and demand he eats me. He digs deep into my tight wet hot box. He licks me up and down. My tight bald pussy is loving it!! I shove his face hard into my begging fuck hole. He tongue fucks me. My cunt is so Fucking wet. I wish I had a big fat throbbing cock to fuck right now. I shove him off me and take my 10 inch black dildo and shove it hard into my wanting fuck hole. I shove it in and out of me until my cunt clenches and I hit my orgasm. I get my paddle and spank my sissy boy for not getting me off.

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