Waterfall exhibitionism

One of the kinkiest things I find to do is having sex in a public place. The idea of getting caught drives me wild. I have made love in some pretty crazy places before, but outside, on a waterfall in the middle of the day has to take the cake.  The funny thing was, that there was a couple below us doing the same thing.  Exhibitionism is one of my favorite fetishes because there is nothing more thrilling than the idea of getting caught by someone.  I love having the air blow on my naked body making my breast grow taut, and little chills appear over my body from the chill of the wind.  Hearing nature in it’s finest while my partner rams his cock deep inside me sends a shiver down my body and makes me cum with pure excitement. Knowing that there are people walking by hearing me screaming with pleasure hiding their little one’s eyes made my orgasm all the more pleasing. The next time you are out in the park and you see a waterfall think of the fun you could be having with your mate playing Exhibitionism waterfall sexual games.

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