I like to share…

I love going to the mall. Of course I dont go shopping. I go for the people. I can sit at the food court and watch the families going by. The young things that think they are hot shit. The married couples. The loners. I can just wait for that perfect specimen to walk in front of me. She has to have that Flair. That special … something. Then I just get up and follow her. I decide if she is worth my attention. I listen and plan. The best part is she has NO idea. No clue to what is going to happen. I will follow her for a few days. Sometimes even a few weeks. Getting her schedule down. Then it is easy to just snatch her. I have gotten pretty good at the taking. I have my own little cabin in the woods. She can scream all she wants. And I can play with my new toy for hours. Or days. Or hell even weeks if she is fun enough. But don’t worry. I share my toys.


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