Sexy Silky Blue Dress for You

I got this new silky blue dress for someone to take me out on the town.. are you the one? Let’s paint the town red and then afterwards you can have me for dessert. I want to be wined and dined, but then I want you to cum inside my tight little asshole. First, I would be the best girlfriend you could ever have accompanying you, all of the men in the restaurant would be drooling over the eye candy (ME) you have on your arm. During dinner, I would lean over just enough to entice you with my huge D cup breasts, and you would be bulging out of your pants before we would even leave dinner. Once you take me back to my penthouse, it’s all about you. For dessert I get your long hard cock in my mouth, and for your dessert you get to cum all over my pretty face.

Ready to go out with me?



 Shannon xOxO



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