Watch It Wiggle

Are you a man that loves a big, wiggly, jiggly, sexy ass? Mhm I bet you are! This ass makes jello look lame as hell. And the girls have nice big asses too! I am teaching them all about how to control their ba-donk-a-donks! With all this junk in our trunks we have to “shake that ass and show you what we are working with! ” Because we know “you like big buts and you can not lie!” because “when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a big round thing in your face, you get sprung!” Your cock gets huge and springs to attention just for us! We know “that butt we got makes you so horny!” You like them big and fat, round a juicy and that is what you will get with the girls and I because these babies got back! When you think junk in the trunk, ours are packed and over flowing ready to wiggle and jiggly just for you. Making that cock hard wanting to slide into our soft and plump rumps! We know how you like it and we have what you need. So cum on over big boy and feed your need!

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