Foot Fetish Fun

When he first¬† told me he had a foot fetish, I thought it was a little strange, but the first time he worshiped my feet; taking them in his hands, rubbing them and looking at them like they were to most beautiful and precocious things he had ever seen; my pussy started to respond. He cradled them so gently, rubbing them and caressing them until he gingerly put them up to his face. He smelled them and rubbed them on his face enjoying the feel and smell of them. Then he gently licked and sucked my toes one at a time, taking care to give each one it’s own special attention, gently sucking them in and out of his mouth, running his tongue around each one and I came so hard that my entire body shuddered. Once I was spent he laid down on the bed with his dick standing straight up in the air and begged me to use my lovely feet to jerk his dick and make him cum. He told me how he wanted to watch his cum dripping down his cock onto my feet. Now I give him what ever he wants when it comes to my feet. I make sure to keep them well pedicured and soft so that they can make him cum hard every time we are together.

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