Happy New Year!

I wonder if our little poopie pansie sissy fairy fag site mascot here can bring us some good luck for 2014?  She is such a loser it is highly unlikely I suppose.

How big of a loser is she you might ask?  Well our very last conversation before New Years Eve she was begging and pleading to be able to poop her panties for me and then scooped her stinky sissy poop out of her panties and rubbed it all over here teenie little weenie until she made a big messy squirty squirt.  I would say that is pretty damn pathetic.

While real men are wanting to get laid for New Years eve or wanting to party and celebrate she has no bigger desire in the world than to rub her winky with her own stinky poop.



With that being said  let me move on to more important things than some wimpy worthless sissy of mine.

To all of the fabulous perverts who have made FuckaliciousFreaks and our other sites so incredibly successful this past year I thank you personally.  Without you guys having horny hard cocks and dirty fantasies needing to be satisfied we are nothing.  Happy New Year and we look forward to serving you up lots of fuckalicious orgasms in 2014!

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