He’s Our Little Subby Bitch

I love it when she calls and wants to teach her little dicked husband his lesson. He is so submissive because he has no fucking choice with that puny little fucking cock that is worthless for anything other then laughing at. We always meet in a hotel that is cheap and sleazy because it has paper thin walls and every one in the rooms next to us can hear his humiliation and pitiful subby ass. And if we are honest, he doesn’t deserve anything better.
He has to take that little bitty dickie out of his pants and he can’t touch it, but we can see it as it tries to grow up all big and strong. Funny thing is it never gets more then 1 or two inches long, if he is lucky.
He gets to watch as a real man with a big cock fucks his wife the way she needs to be fucked. While I stand over him ad laugh at his little dickie making fun of it and making sure he doesn’t touch it. He always cums in spite of himself and we always make him take the big boy dick up his ass so he knows what a real cock feels like.
He knows he deserves his humiliation and he takes it like the little dicked fucker he is. I think next time we get together we might make him dress up like the pathetic sissy looser he is and take him out on the town before we take him back to the hotel for his humiliation.

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