My Visit From My Master

Today I had a visit from my Master. I was so happy that He came to see me. There is a thin line between pain and pleasure and he always knows where it starts and ends. He spanked me like I deserve. He spanked me like I need. I am a dirty pain slut. I need to be used and abused. I liked it when he put clothespins on my nipples. It always makes them very erect. He smacked my skin till it was red and then smacked me some more. Just the way I like it. My Master made my pussy so wet. When He smacked my pussy I thought I was going to cum right then. I didn’t though, because that would not please my Master. I live to make Him happy. My pussy is starting to drip just thinking about our session together. My Master let me cum so hard. My legs were shaking when W/we were finished.  I wonder what new ways He will think of next time to Dominate me and give me the pain I need. I can not wait for Him to pay me another visit.

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