The Early Days

You would never know it to look at me now. Strong, self confident, sexual and sensual. A large and lovely woman who knows how to please a man and loves doing it. There is nothing more satisfying then to give a man his every kinky fantasy and desire and let him know that I love it as much as he does. If you see me in my fancy lingerie, with the nipples of my soft and lickable tits standing at attention just for you, My pussy wet and begging to be licked and sucked, you would never know how I came to know sex. Daddy loved me very much, it was just us and he worked hard doing construction. One Friday night Daddy got real fucking drunk with his buddies from work. I fell asleep in his bed that night while watching TV and when Daddy fell into bed drunk there I was. Daddy started kissing me like a woman, his breath smelled like bear and his rough beard scratched my face. He pulled my night shirt up and started sucking on my tits while his hand reached between my legs. I knew it was wrong but it felt so good to have Daddy rub my pussy like that. I never felt like that before. Pretty soon my panties were off and Daddy was pushing his long hard dick in between my pussy lips. He covered my mouth with his so that when he pushed all the way in I couldn’t cry out. It really hurt at first but then it started feeling really good. Soon Daddy groaned real loud and I felt him squirt inside me. He held me close and I fell asleep in his arms listening to his heart beat. When things got hard Daddy would sell me to his friends, 20.00 for a blow job, 50.00 for a fuck and 80.00 if they wanted my ass. I didn’t mind helping Daddy make money in fact I kind of liked the attention. But no one made me happier in bed then Daddy did. He taught me all the kinky things men like and just how to keep them happy. I still keep Daddy happy when I can.

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