Someone to Keep You Warm!!

It’s cold out there right now, isn’t it baby?  I bet you need a nice warm, sexy woman to keep  you warm.  Someone you can snuggle up with and tell her how your day was?  I am that woman, I want to lay with you while dressed in sexy lingerie and hear what you have to say, I want to know what your day was like.  There won’t be any drama with me, just attention to you.  It is all about you with me, nothing else just you.  You don’t have to worry about those pesky chores at home or those little ones running around.  Nope it is just you and me and what I want to do to you.  I will do anything you want.  If you want me to suck on your big fuck stick I will, if you want to lick my tight and juicy pussy you can.  I won’t complain or turn you down because everything you do turns me on! I want to do things your wife never does.  I really want to suck on your hot, hard rod and get it deep into my throat while I play with your very sensitive balls.  My pussy is already dripping wet feeling that hot fuck stick in my mouth and going down my throat.  I love gagging on your hot rod and getting it slippery wet.  Getting your fuck stick ready for my tight, juicy hot spot.  You can fuck me in both spots if you like and of course, if you want to shoot your load in my mouth you can pull your hot rod out of one of my holes and let me suck on it until you shoot your load all over my face or just straight down your throat.  I am here to keep you warm, do you need a sexy woman to keep you warm today?

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