Twice the surprise is twice as nice!

Zetta and I had so much fun yesterday, we surprised the fuck out of this stupid man. Poor guy thought we were real women, he had no clue that we both were packing meat between our legs. He thought he was going to have a threesome with two hot bitches and he definitely got his wish, it just wasn’t quite the threesome he was expecting to get. He was really into it while we still had our clothes on, in fact he was practically begging us to take them off! But once we stood naked before him he acted all shocked and said we were liars and that there was no fucking way he was gonna fuck us now. Well we knew he was full of shit because his cock was rock hard and he was breathing hard and practically drooling in anticipation of what was to come. Zetta pushed him to his knees and gently slid her cock past his lips, he groaned and said no but that only a second later he was bobbing up and down on her cock like he could never get enough. And when I pulled his clothes off and spread his ass cheeks, he eagerly pushed his ass back on my cock. He was being ping-ponged back and forth and loving every second of it! He was shaking and all worn out by the end, but he said that after fucking us he could never go back to pussy, it was gonna be all shemales from here on out!

Right now you can get 15 minutes of HOT shemale phone sex with us both for only $50 US or  $75 int. But don’t forget, if you want the special you must ask for it!

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