Late night snack

I had such an exciting night last night. I went to my local Toys Store to get my grandson a lego set he has been wanting. It was getting close to closing time. I couldn’t find the model I needed, so I hunted down the store clerk. A nice young boy up on a ladder stocking the top shelf. I noticed right away that his cock was at eye level. I could tell right away when he looked down and saw me. He could see straight down my low cut shirt. When his cock grew to an impressive 8 inches right in front of me. He was wearing these loose pull up pants that made a big pup tent. His cock grew so much it was pulling the waist band down. I just couldn’t help myself. I took a quick look around and dove in. I moved to the right so when he started down the steps his cock hit me in the face. I heard him moan and knew I could get anything I wanted. I reached up and pulled those pants down just low enough to free that monster dick. And before he could say anything I swallowed the whole thing. I barely had time to slide up and down that cock 5 times before he let out a loud moan and shot the biggest load right down my throat. It was a delicious late night snack.

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