Training to be a Stripper

Submissive Phone Sex

I’ve always been shy, but when I go dancing the shyness seems to leave me so I can give an amazing performance.  A friend suggested that I try pole dancing because I love dancing and have gotten pretty good at it lately.  I dismissed the idea, but a few weeks later decided to just do it, so I ordered one, had it installed and started on some lessons.  It is so much fun, but the best part is the intense workout you get when you’re pole dancing.  The next time I ran into my friend who suggested it, I told him about it and thanked him for the idea.  I was surprised when he asked if he could see it, but didn’t object so I took him to my place.

The pole is in my bedroom, so I took him in there and his eyes got really big.  I also noticed his cock was straining against his jeans.  When he asked me to show him how it worked, my pussy literally spasm-ed.  I realized that I seriously wanted to fuck him, so I decided to tease him until he couldn’t take it anymore. I did a complete strip tease for him, complete with me climbing the pole to the ceiling, and then jumping on his pole and slamming it down my throat.

I’m glad he recommended the pole dancing to me, especially now I know what his ulterior motive was.  I am so happy about it, even though it wasn’t until he was in my bedroom that I realized how hot he is, and now I really want to fuck him!

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