Department Store Hook Up

You were shopping in Macy’s just looking around the women’s lingerie section.  You see me looking at a pair of lacy thongs. I am wearing a tank top and a pair of yoga pants and you are staring at my ass.  I see you looking at me and I ask you do you think these lacy thongs would look good on me?  Are you old enough to be wearing lacy thongs like these, little girl?  I may be young but I think I am old enough to be wearing a pair of lacy thongs, I am wearing a pair right now.  Why don’t you let me see what those lacy thongs would look on you?  How are we going to do that, I ask?  Follow me, little girl, I will show you where we can go.  You grab my hand and take me to the very back dressing room, we go in and you lock the door behind us. You turn me around where my face is facing the mirror and my hands are pressing against the 3 way mirror.  You pull my ass towards you and slide my yoga pants down, revealing my lacy thong.  Oh yes a lacy thong would look good on you but we need to get some more clothes off of you so you can try this one on.  You slide my yoga pants down even further until my leg slips out of them.  You pull my thong panties to the side and spread my ass cheeks and put your face in between them and start licking my tight, pink, puckered little asshole.  Your pretty little teen ass tastes so good, I can’t get enough!  You have got me so hard right now and I can’t wait to slide myself inside of your tight, pink, teen pussy.  Just then you raise up and slide yourself in between my legs and up into my tight little hole and slip yourself inside of me.  Oh your tight, little teen pussy feels so good, it is so tight around me.  I can’t wait to show you my pair of lacy thongs!

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