Titillating Tongue

It makes my pussy so wet when I think about how you love my tongue ring. The way it makes your dick stand up and beg for another lick as I flick that ball on the bottom of your cock, right at the base of your head. The way you push into my mouth as I rub it in small circles all down the shaft as you disappear deep in my hot wet mouth.
Your dick is hard now thinking about it, isn’t it?
Never mind I know it is!
Well this one is even better. Look at that zipper going right up the center of her tongue….can you imagine the feel of it against your cock? Don’t you want to know what that would feel like running up and down the shaft of your hard dick? Imagine it unzipped and touching either side of your cock as she works you up and down. You are going to cum just thinking about it.
I felt it on my pink, wet pussy and it was delicious! I felt it on my hard, ripe nipples and it made me shudder. She gave it to me zipped and unzipped and I loved every minute of it!
Are you ready for it?

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