Saturday Night Special

Ever have a song that takes you back in time? I love Skynard and Saturday Night Special does just that. Takes me back to the days of parties and fucking and not giving a damned about any one or anything, just having fun! My pussy just tingles at the thought of long nights drinking with my friends listening to good old rock and roll and enjoying good old fashioned orgies. Masses of sweaty bodies all piled up, dicks and pussies in everyone’s faces and the music blaring tunes that just made us want to drink and fuck harder! Strobe lights and disco balls adding to the thrill. Lava lamps, black lights and black light posters all over the room. Albums made of vinyl not plastic discs called cd’s. As I sit here and remember while listening to the radio I play with my throbbing pussy faster and harder longing for the release my fingers are going to bring. Pinching and pulling my nipples, lifting them to my mouth sucking them and biting them. I am close now, so close, soon I will be sucking the cum off my fingers, dipping them into my pussy over and over again until I have swallowed every drop. I feel you watching and I know you are jerking that cock of yours, wrapped up in your own fantasy.

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