I like a saucy Latin man to make my wild fantasies come true.. but when he brings a sweet little Hispanic doll to play with!!! Mmmmm It just makes me MELT! I just a taste of the exotic. I love the soft bronze skin. And big brown eyes. But what I really love is watching that big man push that tiny doll down. Tie her down rough. Cut her pretty little flower dress off. Show me that latin heat! Leave bruises on her little nipples as you pinch then. Force he tiny little pink pussy to take every inch of that BIG thick cock of yours! Ill help hold her down. Ill help force her open for you. And after you bury your thick hard cock inside her.. Im gonna push your hands up to her tiny little throat and im gonna help you squeeze the life out of the pretty little thing while she shakes and squeezes on that big hard cock.. and after he wets his whistle on the sweet little thing. Then it will be time to take care of me!

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