Three Hots, No Cot

The Queens and I love stripper night. The guys all get drunk as fuck and all of us spend the night taking turns stripping for them. The club house becomes our own personal strip club. The guys can’t help it, their cocks stay rock hard all night long and there is enough pussy to go around! It is a weekly ritual that we all enjoy. Last night was stripper night and we were all ready for our evening of strutting our stuff. Imagine how surprised we were when the guys told us that stripper night would be a bit different. None of us had a clue what the fuck they were up to, but they were all grinning like the cat that ate the canary. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. The kind that the police give when they arrive. The girls know that knock and our job is to scramble and hide everything before the door is opened. We were all in full panic mode hiding shit. Only this time the guys didn’t give us time like they usually do. They opened the door and in stepped three uniformed cops catching us red handed with all kinds of shit in our hands. We looked at each other ready to shit our fucking pants, just knowing that we were going to spend the fucking night in jail. The cops told us to drop everything and assume the position and the guys were just standing there grinning. What the fuck man? They set our asses up. But why? What had we done to be punished? None of us knew and none of us said a word as we placed our hands on the wall and spread our legs. This frisk was not like any other, the cops were very “handsy” to say the least. And when they turned us around the guys hit the play button on the jam box and it all became clear. Those fuckers got us good! These were no fucking cops, they hired strippers for us! Laughing they told us they didn’t give a damned where we got our appetite but they damned sure knew where we were eating dinner! What a fucking night!

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