Flaming Hot

Who doesn’t love a back yard BBQ? In our family a BBQ is not like your average BBQ. Since we believe that a family that plays together, stays together, we keep more then the food hot and spicy. This year my cousin brought a corn hole game to add to the horse shoes, football and volley ball that we normally play. Since we all end up naked before the food is even done, volley ball and football are generally our favorite games. No one ever wins because we are to busy either looking at or making fun of bouncing tits, dicks and balls. But of course that doesn’t matter either because we are all drunker then skunks any way and fucking is all that is on our minds. So when we saw the corn hole game we all laughed and made fun of the fact that nothing jiggles, wiggles or bounces while playing corn hole, at least with horse shoes when we get drunk we always end up clocking someone in the shin with a horse shoe and that shit is funny as hell. But my cousin had his own way of playing corn hole. He place the boards in a way that when we bent over our pussies and asses are right square in the middle of the hole in the board. Instead of trying to throw a bean bag into the hole, he blindfolded us and had us try to stick dicks and tongues in the hole and find our marks. I got a hot dog off the grill before I got blind folded and used it to stick in the hole. Which snowballed into everyone using a food product. We had chicken legs and ribs, corn on the cob and carrots off the vegetable tray….you name it we were using it. By the time we were done there wasn’t a piece of food we hadn’t stuck in some ones hole before eating it.

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