Just Like A Man To Bring A Dick To A Knife Fight!

hot phonesex alanzaI love meeting hard ass mother fuckers. It makes my pussy fucking wet as a river. But what is even more fun is when I meet a mother fucker that thinks he is tough but you can see right through that shit. That is when I like to fuck with them. Challenge them, see just how thick that damned skin is and just how big those fucking balls are! So at first this fucker had my blood boiling but the more we talked the more cracks I saw in his bad man act and I had to go there. I had to test his ass and see how bad he could be. I started easy, would he jerk his dick for me while I watched? Oh fuck yeah he jumped at that. A little bit into his show I pulled out my knife and started running my fingers over it, caressing it like I always do before we are going to have some fun. His eyes got big but when I told him to keep jerking he did as he was told. Finally I asked him if he was really a bad ass. Of course he said yes, but he couldn’t hide the quiver in his voice and my pussy was getting hot. “So your such a bad ass, let’s see if you can keep jerking that dick, don’t let it go limp, and make your self cum while we are in a knife fight.” And with that I tossed my other blade at his feet. “I will let you tie my other hand behind my back since your other hand is going to be occupied. But you can’t take it off your dick until you cum. That is when the fight is over” Being macho he agreed of course. It was an orgasmic experience to say the least! A win win for me!


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