I Can’t Stop Laughing

hot phonesex vinnyI am a big black cock lover. I love having huge black stallion cock shoved deep in my tight pink pussy. Don’t get me wrong I have fucked some white guys with huge cocks but they are far and few between. I always give a guy a chance and never say no just because he is white.So when this guy started hitting on me at the bar and there were no other real options on a day when most folks were snowed in and no one really was out and about, I figured what the hell.We had a good time, he was a funny dude, we danced all evening and he got me nice and fucking drunk (now I know why). When we got back to my place I was ready to fuck, I was even prepared to fuck an average sized cock just because I was horny all though I hate not having huge cock. But when he took his pants off, his cock dripping with pre-cum ready to fuck me I doubled over with laughter. “You want to fuck me with THAT? REALLY?” I could not stop laughing I mean what the hell was he going to do with that thing? I couldn’t even suck the little bastard. Instead I spent the whole night laughing at him and humiliating him while I made him watch me fuck myself silly with the biggest dildo I have, never letting him touch his pitiful little cock that was standing at attention at a full two inches. He came several times, I guess he was used to this type of treatment. When I had my fill of him, I told him to get dressed, get out and never, ever try any shit like that with me again. I still can’t stop laughing!

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