Some Have Called Me a Tease-Here is Why…

I’ve been told that a girl shouldn’t let a guy cum too quick, or he may leave you hanging. 🙂  I love driving guys crazy, almost until they are ready to bust, and then pulling back and letting them cool off.  It’s kind of a turn-on, actually.  🙂  For example, I may stick your cock inside of my tight little cunnie for a few seconds, letting you feel how tight and warm I am, and then I’ll pull you out of me, before you get to really ‘work it’. 🙂  It gets me so hot when I see you going crazy over me.  Teasing you, gets me so fucking wet! I love telling you no, and making you try to force me to give it to you.  I love sucking your cock, getting you to the point where you are almost ready to cum, and then stopping and squeezing the tip of your cock or gently slapping your balls. I do this to all of my guy friends, making them shoot the most intense loads.


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