Thank you Mommy Darla for bringing your sissy son to Princess Paris

Hey Darla! Thank you for coming over her to train your sissy son into being the precious little pixie poo pansy she is destined to be. I would like all of you pinky winky sissys to meet someone new to our little sissy fantasy land. This is Darla and she is a sexy Mommy with a very SISSY son that I have taken a DEEP pleasure into grooming her sissy son ever since he was real little when she and I became friends. But the Mistress Owner Levi of FuckaliciousFreaks.com has recently opened up a new Incest Family website called FamilyDesiresPhoneSex.com. It is totally fabulous and you should check it out sissy poo. Darla like any other Mommy just wants nothing but the best for her sissy son which is why she brings her sweetness to me to share all of those little cute sissy moments that every single one of you powder cream puffs do. Oh, look how cute Darla‘s sissy son is in a pretty pink prom dress with her tiara.

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