Jingle Balls

It was so cold out last night and I knew the Santa outside of the department store ringing that bell all night had to be cold. I stopped and talked to him for a long time. He looked so cute with that fake beard and that suit that didn’t fit right. We talked for a long time and it seemed like the natural progression to things when he finished his shift and I offered to buy him a drink at the local bar. Before we knew it the bartender was calling last call and we were pretty fucking trashed. Of course I asked him if he wold like to come to my place and keep drinking. I was so happy when he said yes. It wasn’t long before we were making out and getting undressed and that is when I introduced him to my jingle balls. He gave the most delicious prostate massage and in return I gave him a rim job he will never forget. I was he queen for the night and he was my queen. I think I will be visiting the department store again tonight!

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