Goddess Levi

Don’t think of me as the owner of fuckaliciousfreaks, think of me as your newest obsession. All these girls might work for me but you are the one I own. Now you might be wondering what my intentions are for you and the answer is quite simple— Whatever I damn well please!

I am not bitchy nor am I mean. Instead you will give me my way because you want to, because you adore me as your Mistress. You simply cannot imagine your life without me being in control of you. After just one conversation you will want to dedicate your all to me the art of my seduction is just THAT powerful.

My incredibly sensual body will lead you to heaven, tasting me is what dreams are made of. I am the Goddess all slaves dream of worshiping, and most will never be so lucky. Besides providing so many undeserving men with a Goddess to worship I also enjoy training little silly sissies immensely. I will dress you up and prance you around for the whole world to see. You in your little sissy dresses and me guiding you around on a leash like a good sissy pet. Your existence really is so much like a puppy pet, looking at your Mistress to keep you safe and every now and then throw you a bone as a treat. Whimpering for my attention as I control your very existence. You do so adore when I give you a treat don’t you? When you are good sometimes I even let you tongue my tight and perfect puckered hole.

What I will have you do for my entertainment will be a surprise, the only thing for certain is that I will be entertained and you will be lucky to have the opportunity to be in my presence.

I have accumulated several years’ worth of dedicated sissy slaves and cucky pets that are all waiting for their chance to have some time with me. If you find it difficult to get in touch with me feel free to send me an email, I do make appointments for sessions.

Until then I remain the Goddess you wish you could have…
Goddess Levi

Phonesex Levi

Phonesex Levi

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