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Wallet Rape Fantasy


Financial Domination Phone Sex


It’s time to drain you completely, piggy. We’ve had some fun really rinsing that bank account in the past but I think we should really humiliate a piece of shit slime like you properly. I’m going to put a collar and leash on you and you are going to have to walk on all fours up to the atm like the little filthy pup you are. What’s your pin number, oinker? Say it louder, I want the pretty girl behind us in line to hear it too because I’m handing the card to her next. The only thing that makes my tight pretty pink pussy wet is when I hear the sound of the cash machine dispensing my money. Now that you’ve handed over your entire paycheck, I think we should check the balance on your pathetic savings account. Kiss that vacation goodbye- disgusting worms like you do not deserve to rest. You’re only point of existing is to make a perfect FinDom Princess happy. I hope you can get used to ramen noodles. Toss the seasoning packet, you don’t even deserve the luxury of flavor. Call me next week as soon as your direct deposit hits, or we’ll be working some blackmail into the mix. 😉

Faggot Pussy Boy



hardcore ass fucking


You’re a small town little bitch boy who never realized how hungry he could get for bbc and its creamy gooey cum drops. Thankfully you met a real hard ass dom like myself finally and you’re finally ready to be my queer little pet. I quickly get you into prayer position and attach your new collar & leash. I walk you into a room filled with black men who have their dicks all at half-staff. I’m ready to see how good of a little faggot boy you can be. You get their dicks hard by massaging them with your mouth through their underwear. Once they get good and fat for your little faggy boy pussy- I spread your ass cheeks open and let them begin force fucking you till you are filled up to the brim with cream. You love every single moment of it too! You’re finally getting to be the little princess pussy boy that you’ve wanted!

Forced Bisexuality Gangbang

forced bisexuality phone sex


You answered my ad in the local paper asking for heterosexual Caucasian men ages 30-60 to come by and take a survey about male sexuality in 2018. You were nervous but my sexy skirt and high heels put you at ease, you felt a lot better realizing the person conducting the survey was a beautiful blonde woman. I ask you the first few questions: Are you straight? Single or Married? How many sex partners you’ve had in your life. Basics, really. Nothing seemed off out of the norm until I started asking questions about your sexual relations or any fantasies you may of had about men. I remind you immediately that you did sign a contract agreeing to disclose honest answers. You take a moment and then admit to me that you have fantasies sometimes about having sex with (specifically) African and Latin men. I ask you if I could make that come true would you be interested and you start to shake your head but that’s when my assistants walk in, wearing only tight underwear with cocks already throbbing. Your eyes get hungry and I can tell. I ask you to get on your knees and pull their dicks out. I demand for you to tell me how heavy their cocks are, and to not forget to weigh their testicles as well. I tell you to put the first cock- a 11″ black and beautifully thick dick into your mouth and suck it. The pre-cum leaking onto your tongue drives you insane and almost like you’ve done this a million times before, you reach for the other two guy’s. You jerk off two big Latino uncut cocks while sucking off the bbc that you’re already enjoying so much. One last man walks in- he’s 6’4 and a dark shade of cocoa, his cock looks like something out of a comic book- it’s well over 12″ and so thick, your asshole tightens up knowing that’s where it’s going. He pushes you down on to your knees and opens your cheeks as I spit into the palm of his hand. He rubs my saliva onto your asshole and shoves his dick inside of you, grabbing your hips and riding your ass like the little faggot puppet you’ve become. You moan in ultimate ecstasy, blowing your load as your prostate gets tickled for the first time ever and so deeply too! He opts to finish inside of you and you feel his cum drip down your thighs when he pulls out. I hand you a towel and thank you for coming by but also make you aware that you have another appointment with me next week. Same day and time- you’re my little bi-sexual project now.

Forced Bi-Sexuality Humiliation



forced bisexuality phone sex


I have heard about some not so good things you’ve done in the past and the only punishment I can possibly think of is to turn you into little faggy boy. You came by under the impression that I was going to let you have sex with my little sister but that isn’t exactly the fun I have in mind for you today. I tell you I am going to tie you up and blind fold you for fun, so that when she starts sucking your cock and servicing you it’s a bit of a surprise. You excitedly agree. But that’s when the real surprise happens and I bring out 2 of my favorite body guards, Jerome and Vick. Their giant and thick big black cocks are already throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I take off your blind fold and you are faced with these huge dicks. I hold your mouth open and make you suck them, telling you that if if you dare bite down, they will take your asshole out. You suck like your life depends on it and it look like my little wimpy man is ready to be completely ravaged by the dicks. Jerome and Vick pull you out of the chair and take off your pants. They bend you over and fuck you so hard in the asshole, it even started to bleed. They make you suck the blood off their dicks and they keep going until they blow multiple loads in your asshole. After they finish, I reassure you that I have every intention of sharing the news about your bi-sexual status on social media unless you promise to come back tomorrow for more fun. Sounds like you don’t have much of a choice, huh?

Who’s Sissy Are You?


sissy training phone sex



I’ve heard you’ve been seeing another trainer behind my back. I know you thought you would get away with that but I talked to my friend at the sissy shoppe and she tattled on you. Well welcome back to basic training again, sissy. You’ve upset your Princess and you are going to have to make it up to me. I was thinking we would first get you all pretty in my favorite outfit of yours. You know, the petticoat and hosiery with your big blonde wig and a face full of make up. Then I want you to bend over so I can stick this remote controlled shocking and vibrating butt plug into your anus. Now put on your cute little silky panties and bloomers, sissy. Let’s get out the crayons and markers because it’s time for you to make a sign. I want it to say, “Full Time Sissy – Property Of Princess Paris” and be sure to use tons of glitter because you know I love glitter. Okay here are these balloons and let’s go ahead and put this big hot pink ballgag into your mouth for good measure. Now stand on the street corner and I want you to hold that sign up for everyone to see, sissy. I want the entire world to know what a little girly man you are and that you belong to me! I am going to remotely from my cellphone vibrate and also shock your ass with that butt plug until I am positive you will never make the mistake again of seeing another trainer. Is everything crystal clear now, sissy?

Erotic Anal


Hot Ass Sex Paris



Worship my ass like it’s your golden god. Open my cheeks up gently and tease my rosebud asshole with your tongue till it drives me insane. My pussy will be dripping wet but it’s erotic anal you are here for. Kiss your way back up my inner thighs and go back to teasing and playing with my tight sexy ass. Your cock is probably throbbing, isn’t sweetie? I think its time you let me get it nice a wet with my mouth so you can drive it into my ass. I turn around and suck you till it aches but that’s when it’s finally ready to ride my bum so I can take your cum. You keep pounding away, grabbing my hair up in a tight ponytail to help you gain leverage while you fuck my asshole deep. Are you about to cum? Fill my ass up please, papi. I want every drop of you inside me. You explode and I love the way it feels when you slide out of me but I can feel your cum dripping out of my asshole. I’m so glad we finally got my anal training taken care of.

Your Balls Look Funny

crossdressing phone sex

Your balls look so funny in those fishnet stockings, sissy. The way the hairy testicles poke out and that itty bitty little joke of a cock barely hangs in that thong. I can’t help but laugh at what I am seeing right now. Playing dress up with you in ladies underwear gives me a total kick and gets my rocks off. I love taking humiliating photos of you for blackmail purposes later just in case for some reason you decide that you don’t think you need a sissy trainer anymore. I know that won’t be a single issue though because you’d be worthless without your princess telling you what to do. Pout those lips out now so I can put this super cute hot pink lipstick on you. And let’s go ahead and adjust the curly blonde wig. Slip on those high heel shoes and the skirt but pull it up nice and high because I wan to be able to see those silly pathetic balls hanging out. Now let’s hang this sign around your neck. Can you read it, sissy? It says “Property Of Princess Paris- Please Spit In My Face!” – now it’s time to go out into the wild with you dressed like that while I video the entire adventure for my own pleasure. Good job, sissy. Next time maybe I’ll let you have a sissy friend join you.

Obey Me

Hot Ass Sex Paris


I’m glad I’ve got your attention finally, slave-boy. It’s been strangely awkward lately and I am thinking there may be some unanswered questions, although I’m not sure why. You are to obey me. And tonight I have brought a very sweet and cute little friend with me. It’s my sister’s son and he is beautiful, right? I know you’ve always been so scared you might be attracted to boys and I think it’s time we face the fear. Get down on your knees and pull his young and pretty uncut cock out of his gym shots. Smell that fresh penis- doesn’t it seem like it would just taste so yummy. I want you to give him his first orgasm and you don’t have a single say in it. You have to obey me. Suck harder, take your hand and finger his sweet tight ass. Look at his fresh little face. He’s never even been kissed. Now- get down on all fours. We are going to teach this cutie how to fuck and I can’t think of anyone better to have him learn on than you. Spread your ass cheeks apart and take that young cock straight into your rectum. Don’t be afraid to squeal, I want to hear you in pain and pleasure. He grabs your hips and blows his entire load into your asshole. I know you didn’t really want to do it but that’s where all the fun lies in the game for me. I bet you’ll behave from now on, right?

Better Do What I Say

sissy phone sex

I gave you a direct order to show me your new frock but you disobeyed me and now you’re
to have to be publicly embarrassed, sissy. Put on that outfit with your little tiny frilly
panties and be prepared to hold up this sign that says “Paris’s Sissy Bitch” out front of your drive-way.
You have to wave to all the passersby with your pretty little white gloves on. Pinkies out, sissy!
Hold that sign up nice and high. Are you embarrassed? Of course you aren’t! You’re proud to be my little
sissy bitch boy. You’re thrilled to do what ever your Princess says, correct sissy? That’s what I thought.
Now show the entire world how silly your cock looks shoved into those tiny panties and how femme you look
in the pretty fishnets I picked out for you to wear with your new dress. Wave hello and hold that sign up
proudly- you are my sissy in training! Now for the next step of your punishment..

Fin Domme Princess

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Okay so if you’re going to keep enjoying this beautiful pussy, I’m going to need you to take
care of a few things for me. Firstly- I need to be able to go shopping at least 3 times a week,
be able to buy whatever the fuck I would like and I need you to just hand the card over without questions
or any second to think about the total on the register. Second- You do whatever The Princess says.
That may mean I want you to lick my asshole clean three times a day, it shouldn’t matter because
you are my man and not the other way around. Third- Don’t ever tell me the N-word. I am talking about
“No”. I don’t understand it, I have absolutely zero clue what it even means. I’ve never heard it before
I cannot relate. Now that we have our rules all set up, get down to those knees and worship me. From my pretty
pink toenails up to every single blonde hair on my head. Any questions?