To Be Teased By A Goddess

For the most part I am soft and sensual.  I am a Goddess, whom is to be Worshiped, and adored.  I love to Tease Men until they can no longer take it and cry out for Me to allow them release.  This is fun for Me, I enjoy having this effect over men.  However, instead of being tied up, a regular caller of Mine decided that it might be fun to be put into a Sex Swing.  Not any ordinary Sex Swing, but a custom made one, that way no matter how much he begged for Me to give the go ahead for him to touch himself, he would be unable to do so.

What a delicious thought that was.  I asked him exactly what type of Sex Swing was he referring to, and he sent Me a picture of one that he would like to purchase.  It is one of the most industrial Sex Swings I have ever seen.  I really like it to be honest.  I can see Myself strapping him into it.  Lowering the chains so that his mouth is just below My beautiful pussy, then spread My long legs and just stand over him.  He would be just low enough that no matter how hard he tried, he could nothing but breath in My intoxicating scent.

There are so many ways I could use this to Tease and Deny him orgasm after orgasm.  He is currently saving up to purchase this, as it is a tad bit on the expensive side.  He of course will need help getting into it, and his wife is more than willing to do that.  It’s not very often that a wife will prepare a husband for a phone sex session, but his is very understanding.  I look forward to the day that he phones Me, so excited that his breath is already short and shallow, only to find out that he is awaiting his Goddess’s Teasing ways in his new Sex Swing.

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