She is Weak, Helpless, and Ready to be Taken Advantage of….

An orgasm producing addiction for this lowly slut…..Meet Jinx:

This pathetic slut is gut-wrenchingly co-dependent, extremely masochistic, and craves to be abused, beaten, and tortured in the worst possible ways.  She is also a keen and attentive accomplice who will assist you in abducting and torturing the most innocent little-ones.

Her moans, pleas, and screams solicit record-breaking penile erections, extended orgasms, and complete satisfaction; as her undying thirst to be used, is poignant and severely compelling.

Her taut body is made for complete degradation, intense humiliation, total defilement. She is a cock-whore who is accustomed to the most extreme exploitation. She will gain your attention through her grateful compliance.  You will quickly become addicted to her sincere craving to be treated like an insignificant insect. She is the epitome of humility, as she has come from tear jerking, humble beginnings (via her survival of the most intense, sadistic torture practices).

Your scrotum will explode from extreme orgasms, as you use her while listening to her pain, through her sweet voice. Take her, possess her…you will never want to let her go….Jinx-has been trained very well and truly is an extremely obedient and grateful submissive pain slut.

Even the most hardened Master or Dominant will be unable to fight his primal urge to make her his own; succumbing to her subliminal submissive powers. 

In my credible professional opinion, a submissive whom has been broken-in and trained by a hardcore sadistic dominatrix, is indeed trained in such a manner, whereas to superbly satisfy your needs. Try her and make her your own: 

Submissive Pain Slut Jinx (888) 693-9364

(Your cock will drip uncontrollably with pre-ejaculaculatory fluid as you experience her adept responsiveness to your cravings).


Yours Truly,
Murderous Femme Fatale Phoenix

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