Christmas Sissy Elf Gets Outed!

Our FuckaliciousFreaks sissy mascot has done it again. She dressed up in her cutest Christmas sissy elf outfit and pranced all around town, and she wonders why we out her so. Don’t you think this pathetic pansy needs to be outed in all her shame? Look at her! Showing off her purely whites and those long legs covered with white fishnet stockings, she looks like the a prissy sissy doesn’t she!

I cant help but laugh at her pathetic sissy ways. Especially if she was prancing around and christmas shopping with fudge icicles in her panties! Could you just imagine?! Yes, this sissy is a dirty little poopie pansy! Don’t believe me? Ask her yourself. She will admit she loves to poopie in her panties and on top of that, she likes to rub her poopies on her pee pee until she makes squirty squirt! hahahahaha

Don’t you sissy?

For my Personal Christmas gift, I want you to comment on this very blog and tell all the superior females and the world for that matter, what a dirty poopie pansy you really are and how you love rubbing it on your teenie weenie! Tell us how small it is too! (the real size) You deserve to be outed in all of your Christmas Shame!

Merry Christmas Sissy!

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