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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex – Make My Young Bald Pussy Cum!!!

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I’d always start off by telling you what I’m wearing. Tonight, I’m in a slutty pink dress and a sexy pink thong. I’m dressed up like a Barbie, and you might just get the privilege of turning this barbie into your fuck doll. Wrap your hand around your cock while you looks at my pics. Every inch of my tight young body makes your cock hard. From my pretty face and these big perky tits all the way to this nice round ass and young bald pussy. Don’t you wish you were sliding that cock into my tight cunt instead of into the palm of your hand. It’s pathetic but it’s cute how excited that little cock gets. 


mutual masturbation phone sex

Cock Control Calls Make My Young Bald Pussy Squirt

You know what’s even cuter? The way you groan when I remind you that I’m fingering my cunt too. That pretty pink pussy you’ve been staring at is soaking wet and needs to be filled. Hearing how wet my pussy is when I slide my fingers in deep. Nothing like a good cock control session to make my pussy soaking wet. I want to make you throb for me, I want your cock rock hard and ready to explode by the time you hear me scream “I’m cumming!”

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wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. Masturbation is one of the many perks of working from home. I talk to guys all day who are jacking off at work too. Porn is always one keystroke away and a hot sexy babe like me is only a call away. Mutual masturbation calls are something I really get into, especially with guys taking a little break from the office to beat off. Why? Because I get hornier hearing a man pump his cock when I know he could get busted. I like hearing those sloppy wet noises of a man stroking his member. I will let you hear my sloppy wet pussy too. I often put the phone between my legs just so you can hear how wet I get talking to you. It could be a sexy role play or just mutual masturbation porn we watch together, but I want to rub my cunt while you stroke your cock. I am always horny. I have lots of sex toys for my pussy. And, I can teach you some knew tricks to stroke your cock. I helped a man last night make his own flesh light pussy with a mason jar and a batch of warm spaghetti noodles. He said it felt like he was fucking a real pussy! I will play with my pussy if you will stroke your cock!