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He bought me a drink

tranny phone sexI was at a really upscale club last night by myself sitting at the bar. I knew that I wouldn’t be alone for long and I was right. This sexy man came up to me and offered to buy me a drink and he was just too cute to refuse. We had several drinks and a lot of laughs and I just knew that I would be taking him home with me at the end of the night. I was worried that he didn’t know I was a chick with a dick but I pushed all the worry down and just said fuck it. I invited him back to my place and once he got my panties off I realized that I had nothing to worry about. He was in love with my cock at first sight, he worshiped it like he couldn’t get enough of it. He swallowed every inch of it and when it came time for me to fuck him he took it all like a pro. We fucked all night, it was such a wonderful night too, I can’t wait to see him again.

You and your tiny penis are pathetic

cuckolding phone sexLook at me, do I look like the kind of woman that has to settle for a little dick loser like you? No, I am the very definition of perfection so I can literally get any man I want… so why would I ever settle for you?? You have a tiny little limp dick and a wimpy, whiny personality, why the fuck would I want that when I can have a real man? Face it loser, the best you could ever hope for is to worship at my feet while I fuck a real man right in front of you… if you’re a really good boy, I may even let you clean his cum out of my pussy when we’re done fucking. Of course, that is only for good boys though, so if you aren’t a very generous lil cucky bitch, you won’t even be getting that!

Daddys girl phone sex -Being a hoe for my daddy

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I decided to visit my daddy at work, since it has been a long time since I had seen him. Right when I got to the front door of his business I slipped and fell since there was a patch of ice. I laid on the ground for a while before my father came to help me up. He noticed that I was wearing a nice black skirt that showed off my legs and a nice pair of high heels.

Since I was on my back my skirt was pulled up and my father  could see my nice bald pussy, since I don’t wear panties. My father brushed the snow off my ass with his big hands and walked me into his office. My father was so worried about me since I fell so hard on my back. Since he is a physician he asked me to strip naked in his office so he could examine if there was any bruising or swelling he needed to be concerned about. I obeyed him and got completely naked for him showing him my nice tits and my bald pussy. He began to feel me up every where especially my ass squeezing each cheek since he wanted to check for “bruising”.

He then slowly made his way with his hands on to each breast before inserting his fingers into my pussy. I was so turned on that he touched my pussy that I began to fuck his fingers with my wet cunt, by moving my body up and down. My father just kept finger banging my pussy until I had cum running down my legs. Daddy then grabbed me and placed me on his office desk and began to eat out my delicious bald pussy.

His face was all shiny since I was so wet. I begged him to fuck me with his giant cock. Watching it slide into me was great but feeling it inside of me throbbing was probably even better. I begged him to fuck me while I grabbed on to my tits as I watched my daddy stretch out my wet bald pussy. My daddy was incredible he made me cum four or five times since he found my G spot. Daddy had no problem filling me up with his cum I just hope that he will come to my house later for my check up!