Swinger’s Halloween Party

Last weekend was so much fun! 🙂 My favorite Uncle was throwing a special Halloween Party for all of his married friends and I got to be invited too. *giggles* 🙂 He told me that like any Halloween party, everyone has to wear a costume. This year I was going to be a cute lap puppy dog and my Uncle is going to be my Master. He gave me a cute lil’ black outfit with a black leather collar and leash to lead me around the house. *giggles* Yay! I just love being my Uncle’s puppy. The way he paraded me around at the party with me close to his side with the leash, made me feel so special. It even made all of my tight juicy holes really wet and gooey for all the excitement. 😉 Now it is time to play games with everyone at the party. All the ladies put there name in a hat and every guy got to pick a name out of the hat. The lady’s name each guy would pick gets to take them into a room for some screaming and moaning game. After everyone went into the other rooms, it was just me and my Uncle. He told me that he got me a special rubber black toy to go along with the game that him and I were going to play. So he told me to sit on the chair backwards and stick out my fanny. He grabbed me by my neck and stuck that black rubber toy all the way in my booty. Oh wow! It felt so good in my tight lil’ booty. *giggles* I can’t believe how wet that black rubber toy thingy got me. Yay for Halloween Parties! 😉

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