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College Cheerleader Locker Room Fuck

Cheerleader phone sex

Being a cheerleading has it’s perks – I’d never fucked a football player before, but today was a day I will never forget! I’ve always had a thing for muscular, sporty men. Especially sweaty ones. As a cheerleader, all of the stretching, dance, and gymnastics we do keeps our tight little bodies in shape for all of the hungry men. 

As a cute girl, being alone in a football locker room can be scary. Until a player came along, to keep me company. 

College Coed Sex

He started by running his hands up my thighs, cupping my asscheeks in his huge hands under my teeny cheer skirt. I could feel his fingers on the outside of my panties, teasing me as he rotated around my clit. I was beginning to get so creamy. I tore off my uniform, revealing my cute little nipples, ready to be played with. Before I knew it, I was sitting on his face with my juicy little slit on his mouth. I decided I needed to be fucked an have my little hole stretched out, so that is exactly what I did. That cock felt so nice in my creamy cunny. I rode that cock for so long, and go so excited when I was filled up with hot, sticky cum. I really needed to be fucked long and hard, and as a skanky cheerleader, I will be back for more. The locker room may be my new favorite place. 

I love being daddy’s girl

daddys girl phone sexI love being daddy’s girl. I have him wrapped around my little finger. Mommy has never liked me much. My sisters aren’t fans of mine either. That is all because I am daddy’s favorite. I am the youngest girl in the family. Daddy’s girl from the day I came into this world. I got myself into some trouble last week. I took a car for a joyride. It was a super sweet Jaguar. Belongs to this guy I used to fuck. He is married but I was his dirty little secret for a year. His bitch wife made him stop seeing me. She made him stop paying me too. He was giving me great money. When I saw the car with the keys in it at the supermarket, I just wanted to scare him a little. Mother fucker called the cops. I thought I could suck my way out the legal hot water I was in, but no such luck. Daddy was my one call. I knew he would bail his princess out of jail. I did owe daddy, and he made sure I paid him back. We were in the parking lot when he told me I was in a lot of trouble. As soon as we were in the car, he was not as mad because I was sucking his cock. It was daylight and I am sure it was risky, but all I cared about was making daddy forget he was mad at me. Worked like a charm. Took a few loads, but once daddy was drained, he forgot all about being mad at me for joyriding.

Daddy isn’t thinking about her anymore!

daddys girl phone sexMy sister has always been the center of attention. I have grown up in her shadow. Daddy has always been so proud of her, and so has the rest of my family. Once I started to develop, I knew it was my chance in the sunshine. I wanted to be the center of attention, and I was filling out my clothes, oh so well. I knew I was going to make daddy proud. I wore the hottest outfits and grabbed his attention instantly. My desires were solely to be his number one. I wanted quality time with daddy, and I was going to have it one way or another. I want to show him I was a big girl and I could do everything my sister Maddie could do plus more. I made sure to learn a thing or two from his porn stash. I could see daddy was missing good old fashion blowjobs. I wore my sluttiest outfit one day I knew it would be him and me only in the house. I knew this was my chance to strike. I walked over to him and asked if I could go to the mall. Daddy’s eyes nearly came out. It was hard for him to formulate a sentence, but I knew the answer was no. I told daddy I was too bored to stay home alone. I told daddy he had to keep me happy. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. I made sure to take daddies cock and blow his mind. I’m sure he’s not thinking about Maddie anymore.

I love cheating phone sex

cheating phone sexMoving to a new town has its ups and downs. I have always been quite the charmer and get into inner circles rather quickly. I have my eye on the prize, and I make things flow within my goals. I have a demeanor about me where you may think I am sweet as pie and am a complete girls girl. Don’t let my kind persona fool you. See what gets me going and turns me on is intrinsically sinful and full of decent. I have a hunger for things that don’t belong to me. I have always been this way. Once I start a new job, go to a new function move to a new city I am all in to see what I can ruin. I have destroyed marriages and broken commitments. My pussy feels so much better with a married cock inside. I am honest about being a nympho cheater. I am a homewrecker and a boyfriend magnet. I break up marriages as easy as going to the store for a gallon of almond milk. It may be wrong, but it feels so right to me. I like hearing all your marital problems and giving you advice at the same time I am having your significant fuck my brains out.

Daddys Girl

daddys girl phone sex

Aren’t I cute Daddy? With my little pig tails and my short little dress. You love that my little thong is tiny and clearly ready to come off under this slutty lil dress. When he gets home I’ll be ready…a nice massage all  over Daddy’s body. I make sure to pay special attention to all the right areas! Daddy’s massages involve me using my tongue on his cock, balls and his ass. Daddy loves to see how talented I can be with my sweet young tongue and I am happy to show him because Daddy always uses his tongue to take care of my holes and I love every second of that myself! Once Daddy is really ready from his special happy ending massage I sit right on his lap. My short dress pulls up past my ass and I can feel how hard Daddy is pressed up against me he wants to be in me and all I got to do is bend over so he can make it fit! Daddy pulls my hair back so I arch my back and accept his cock deep inside of me – and all I can think about it Daddy’s warm sticky cum in my pussy.

Dress Up Punishment

spanking phone sex

Dressing up in sexy little outfits is one of my favorite things to do when I am by myself and bored. Daddy has quite the fetish for naughty outfits on his adorable little girl and I just love obeying Daddies requests, most of the time. So one night I’m trying on this new naughty Eskimo girl outfit, pigtails and all!!! Of course Daddy came into my room while I was twirling in front of my mirror admiring my perfect little ass that just began to peak out from beneath my mini skirt. Daddy was so enraged that I tried on an outfit without showing him first that he spanked my little as and shoved me down onto my knees to kneel in front of him. His hands grabbed onto my long pigtails as if they were handlebars and then he was thrusting his cock down my throat, skull fucking my little mouth hole for being so naughty! Daddy is always right and know that I have a problem with obeying him all the time. Sometimes I act naughty on purpose just to make him fuck me harder or more rough because I really enjoy sex more when there’s a good beating involved or when I’m being manhandled!

No One Quite Like My Uncle…

incest phone sex

My uncle came to visit recently and was shocked to see how much I’ve grown since the last time we were able to play! I assured him that I was still his little cock loving princess but he wanted to make sure that I was still able to take a good pounding and fingering the way he always loved to give me. We met up in his room later that night and all I wore was my short little sleep shirt with nothing underneath. As soon as he saw me, he brought me down to sit in his lap and feel his throbbing hard dick against my bare pussy lips. His hands tightened around my small waist as he pulled me against his chest roughly to lay my back against his chest as his fingers dove down roughly between my pussy lips to thrust deeply into my pussy. He made me bite down on my lip to silence my moans once he started thrusting harder making me buck my hips wildly. Up until that moment I had forgotten how much I missed how rough and perfect my uncle is with my wet bald pussy! His fingers know my pussy and know just how to move to make me squirt all over his fingers and all over his cock that pressed eagerly against my ass. His hands lifted me briefly before letting me fall back down right on top of his erect dick! It slide all the way into my ass quickly and I cried out as I came all over myself. There’s no one quite like your beloved uncle to fuck you just right!

Cock and Balls


cocksucking phone sexThe weather makes many men VERY horny. Why is that? Well let me tell you… their swollen cocks stay hard and their balls stay full and ready to be drained. They’re so perfect and ready for a young girl like me that knows just how to suck, lick and slurp. In between looking up at those balls of his hangs low, practically begging for my tongue to be all over them. Licking them all over, mmm yes, sucking on them too. Helping him get his cock hard with my hand and sucking and licking all over his balls with the other. I could worship these things! Mmm, I want to run my tongue over the head of his cock. Taste is and go down even further. Want to suck his cock nice and hard and slow. Deep, completely putting his cock in my mouth. We all know how well this is going to end… my favorite sticky treat all over my face.

How Ya Like It Daddy?

daddys girl phone sex

He should know by now I love to tease, and I know he does too. He keeps me thinking about the head of his big swollen cock all day long, but when he came home last night we’d had enough of my teasing. I was dressed up, I love to dress up for him in sexy clothes or sometimes nothing but my thong. Today was all black, my favorite. As soon as he saw me there waiting for him he was ready for me!  I imagined the nudes I’d been sending him all day and short videos of me working myself up drove him insane relentlessly, and I couldn’t imagine how he hid that perfect smooth cock in his pants. It was mine now and I was happy to take it in my mouth where it belonged, sucking it quickly and deeply like a greedy little whore who’s been waiting for Daddy’s dick allllllllll day long. When I look up at him as I go deep he moans and his cock throbs in my mouth, I know he wants more – I know he wants to have a little taste of his own too. He loves to please me just as much as I love to please him, he knows exactly what he is doing when he goes down to my smooth little asshole. Daddy knows how to eat my ass good enough to make me cum right on his face, and my tight little ass makes his cock even harder and bulging for my pussy. He makes me squirm, moan and cum all over the place before he finally fills me up with his cock, spreading my smooth cunt around his fat head. My favorite part is when he has to make the head of his cock fit into my perfect little hole, it hurts and feels good at the same time but he knows that I don’t mind if he just slams it in. I love when Daddy is rough and a lil mean with his little slut! He slams his cock in as deep as it will go, using my throat to hold onto as he rams his dick in deeper and deeper. I am such a screamer as I take his cock and arch my back cuz it feels so damn good. He starts to slap my face the closer he is to cumming and I can feel myself trying to wiggle my pussy deeper onto his cock. Every time he chokes me or slaps me I feel myself wanting to cum hard, and all I can think about is HIS cum in my pussy…warm and sticky and perfectly creamy. Soon he had me begging for it…

Incest Loving Princess

incest phone sex

I have found a man just like my Uncle. He treats me like his princess, his cute lil sex kitten and feeds all my cravings. The way he makes me scream and squeal is enough to keep me begging for more! I am so turned on every time he comes over to have me. As soon as he comes over I sit on his lap, I am still small enough for us to pretend I am just a little younger. I sit on his lap and give him kisses and tease his cock. Once it’s time he asks me what his little princess wants, I always pretend to think about it and then giggle to him that I want him to eat his dinner. By then I will be nice and warmed up for him! My pussy slick with cum for him to lick up…the way he sucks on my clit is the way an uncle should! I like to cream all over his face! He loves it too, older men love the taste of my pussy dripping all over their face, just like I love their cum that I drain from their cock! Mmm. As soon as he’s done eating my teen cunt I do my job and return the favor! Sucking his cock and balls are one of my favorite things, they’re always full and throbbing and ready for me to DRAIN them! I always work hard gagging and choking on his dick to make sure to get every last inch. He couldn’t even wait to fuck me, he surprised me by pushing my head down all the way while he unloaded every last drop of cum he could… I just swallowed and kept sucking! I have an endless drive for my Uncle… he has his horny incest loving princess wrapped around his finger.

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