I am preparing her for your pleasure….

Look at the sweet little prize I brought you to play with.  I am a good whore for you I really am.  I found little Alley here and befriended her with a promise of a party with lots of hot guys at it.  Of course I didn’t tell her that she was the party favor and the only hot guy was going to be you.

As you can see I was a good accomplice whore and have her all tied up and ready for you.  I took the liberty of lubin up all her fuckholes and doing a little bit of nipple and clitty torture so she would be good and scared and crying by time you arrived.  I have her all prepped for you and am anxious to see exactly which one of her fuckholes you want to stuff while I torture her little tiny teen body.   By the way, no one seen her hop in my car so if it pleases you I would love this little slut to be the next cover photo on a milk carton….

** For all of you sadistic horny perverts out there to today me and Alley are actually in the same space today.  She is at my house and I have been stretching her little fuckholes all afternoon.  For real.  We are offering 2 girl calls where we are actually in the same room doing all the nasty things your perverted dick craves… **

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