Extreme Sub Slave Zoe

Like extreme hardcore phone sex? Do violent, brutal sex scenarios really, I mean really get your rocks off? Well look no further because you’ve found your match. With me, your pleasure is my pain and as crazy as it may sound, it gets me off like nothing else. The mind blowing adrenaline that comes after a sharp attack of sweet pain makes my pussy dripping

wet. Don’t be surprised when my cunt creates a juice puddle on the floor shortly after you shackle up my arms and spread legs. Clamp my nipples harshly and gag my mouth before you ram your cock inside of me violently creating little splits around my cunt hole making it pink sore and puffy. Dig deep in my shithole until I cry out loudly and tears are streaming down my face. I’ll take every bit of excruciating pain with no back talk so don’t stop until you get enough. I’m ready to submit to you like no other slave has so discipline me Master, I’m all yours. 

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