Surprise, I am here

Surprise Baby! I am here at your job, on your lunch break, to give you a special surprise. So, let’s go in this room and close the door. I drop down to my knees, and look up at you. With a smile on my face, I give you a sexy wink as I unzip your pants. I reach in, pull out your fat cock, and put it directly into my mouth. Oh wow, baby! You taste so good in my mouth, and on my cock-sucking lips. I use one hand to stroke you while I suck, and my other hand to massage your big, round cum-filled balls. OMG! Your pre-cum is the best I have ever had, and I can’t wait for you to cum all over my sexy face. I start stroking and sucking faster, and I can feel your shaft expand and start to fill up with all of that cum I am going to eat. Suddenly, I pull on your waist, a thrust your pelvis into my face, so I can deep throat your cock! Hum, wasn’t that a great lunch quickie ? 😉

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