Impregnation with mommy Kenya

It’s chocolate mommy Kenya and my girls and I are back for more phone sex! It takes a nigger slut like me to get inside of your mind and relate to your kinky, twisted fantasies. If you’ve talked to me before then you know that one of mine is to get my girls pregnant. Just that word made your dick hard didn’t it? Well bring that big, thick motherfucker to my house so we can get right to it! I’ve taught my youngens how to please well and even

though they’re still learning, they know just how what to do with a hung horsecock like yours. And don’t worry, any missteps will be handled accordingly by yours truly 😉 I’ll make sure those little black cunts are stretched to capacity so you can cum as deep inside as possible. I’m going to tell you over and over that I want you to get these little whores pregnant so I can get some cute little swirly grandbabies. I know how bad you want to plant your hot seed inside these little wombs and watch me stuff it back inside their pussies when it starts to run out. I won’t stop until it happens, so cum and help me! Call now! 

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