Poker Night

Well tonight is poker night for my Daddy and his friends. Lets just say I am the entertainment for tonight, none of his friends can keep their eyes off of me. Especially one of them, he told my Daddy that he needed to use the bathroom. When all he needed to do was use me. When I walked in the kitchen to offer drinks to them not one them could keep their eyes to themselves not even Daddy. His friend Jason came walking behind me in the hallway and pushed me into the bathroom raised my black mini skirt up in the back and just fucked me hard and passionate, the way he pulled my hair while he was fucking me made my hot pussy cum all over his thick fucking hard cock. When I knew he was ready to cum I got down on my knees opened my mouth and became his fucking dirty slut and let him squirt all his hot cum all in my mouth, and all over my fucking tits! I can not wait for another poker night like this. I know cards won’t be the only thing they are playing.

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