Suck Me Sissy Boy

I know you are hungry for the taste of my dick and luckily for you I am in the mood for some freakiness.  Lay your round ass on the floor right here, right now.  I love the 69 position we are in, you love taking this cock deep inside your throat.  Your sucking my straw trying to get all my tasty vanilla cum.  Finger fucking my ass while swallowing my meat makes me wanna go so fucking wild.  Precum drizzling on your tongue while my ass juice covers your finger makes you want to fuck my sexy ass.  You are permitted to fuck my ass but you may not cum until I am deep into your shit hole.  Your strokes are fast as your cock swells, I tell you to stop and pull out.  You don’t want to but you know I will take all your sexual privileges away.  I bend you over the tub and slide my meat inside you at an angle so I can hit that prostrate.  I am going to give you a good prostrate cleaning today.


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