Let’s Party My Style


You asked me to be dressed so I could accompany you to your upscale business party.  I used sandlewood oil to make my body smell delicious, I put on the most expensive diamond necklace I own, and I am wearing the sexiest black stilettos.  Your car is pulling up so I walk out and give you a hot sexy pose.  You look so confused as you wonder why I have no clothes on. Baby the way I see it the only partying you should be doing is right here with me so get your ass in the house and strip those clothes off.  I am the pole and you are the stripper so slide up and down on me.  Intertwine you body into mine as we dance so slowly, exploring one another until the steam fills the air. You are thirsty so I grab the bottle of Jack and pour it all over my body. You lick me from my feet all the up to my lips with a few stops in between. We retreat to the bedroom where the party continue but the intensity sky rockets.  You and I party party till the morning sun appears.

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