Taught, Taut, and for the Taking

In my family business, classes are held, teaching youngsters to perform oral sex, satisfactorily and to submit their holes to be used for the pleasure of paying clients.  They are additionally taught to perform as porn actors and actresses, in all sorts of ways.  I recently had rented out a young looking set of twins to a kinky, middle aged couple (during my last trip out of the country). The twins were selected, because of their youthful appearance and the tightness of their holes (as the couple probed their holes with various instruments, prior to renting). The couple informed me that they wanted to make a sex tape involving many taboo sex acts and fetishes (to be sold online) and that they would use the twins for 48 hours.  The youngsters were returned with bruising:  swollen rectums, vaginas, and extremities.  It was quite evident that the couple who rented these young twins, received their money’s worth.  The youngsters were used to the point where they needed to be placed on a few days of rest and relaxation.  Customer service is so very important……… I can’t wait to view the video.

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